Baracuda pool cleaning range

Swimming is supposed to be a recreational activity. When did your pool become just another task on your list of things to do? What are recreational activities worth if you exchange the same amount of time cleaning up? It’s time to stop fighting with your pool.

Enter the Baracuda Pool Cleaner. The Baracuda product line by Zodiac consists of 7 units, all utilizing the revolutionary “Baracuda” technology. Each Baracuda Pool Cleaner has it’s own set of features, though any of them will get the job done.

The Baracuda MX 8: The MX 8 is the only member of the Baracuda Pool Cleaner line that uses cyclonic suction technology and is fully robotic. It crawls the floor and walls of your pool, aggressively sucking in all sorts of dirt and debris. You can see a noticeable difference in water clarity within the first 10 minutes. Not to mention, it’s really cool. It’s a little submersible cleaning robot, who doesn’t want one of those?

The Baracuda T5 Duo: This disc shaped suction cleaner easily crawls over lights, around ladders and drains. It’s fairly small and almost completely silent, making it barely noticeable. This Baracuda Pool Cleaner only has one moving part, making it incredibly durable. Less moving parts means less noise and fewer things that can break.

The Baracuda X7 Quattro: This Baracuda Pool Cleaner has superior mobility, thanks to Quattro Traction Control. Traction control allows the X7 Quattro to climb 90 Degree walls, coast across the surface and never lose its grip.

The Baracuda G3: The Baracuda Pool Cleaner, the G3 is easy to set up, requiring only 3 steps from out of the box into the water. You won’t need a single tool, not even a screwdriver to get it running.

The Baracuda G2: The G2 Baracuda Pool Cleaner is just as easy to set up as the G3 and has similar features. The main difference is that the G3 can skim the surface of your pool. The G2 is designed for walls and floors. One of the less expensive units, the G2 still delivers solid performance, easily cleaning small and medium sized debris from medium sizes pools.

The Baracuda Ranger: This entry-level unit doesn’t require any plumbing work and is suitable for mid sized pools with regular amounts of debris. The Ranger’s large deflection disc helps it avoid becoming stuck on stairs and ladders.

The Baracuda Wahoo: The Wahoo is an entry level Baracuda Pool Cleaner. This unit is time tested and proven effective when it comes to removing smaller debris, insects and leaves from small to mid sized pools. The Wahoo is both affordable and effective, a good starting point if you own a smaller pool or you have a pool in an area that does not accumulate large amounts of debris.

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