Here at Pool Fix Cyprus we know that It is important that the correct approach is taken in finding the problem as leaks can be caused by faulty plant and do not need expensive excavation to repair them.

Professional Swimming Pools have specialised test equipment that allows us to pressure test pipe work and if found to be leaking to pin point the problem to allow for a spot repair to be implemented.

Regardless of the suspected location of the leak, a pressure test of all plumbing lines should be done to confirm whether they do or do not have a leak. We use a regulated air source to induce a constant stream of air into the leaking line a noise is created underground as air escapes into water saturated soil. We then Use a Listening Device to listen through the earth for sound. The leak will be at the point where the sound is loudest. We also check fittings and cracks in Pool structures by using a Dye Tester, using a small amount of dye near suspected leak areas in the structure of the pool to see if the dye is pulled out of the pool.

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