Pump Problems.

poolfixcyprus can check your pool pipework for leaks electronically, for free with all new and reconditioned pool pump replacements.

Below are just some of the causes of pump problems that are can deal with.

Suction problems and other imbalances cause motor stress. Often the only way we can detect whether your pump motor is stressed, is to record it's temperature electronically, or by using our electronic acoustic tests applied to your pump bearing end flanges.

Suction problems can also be caused by restrictions in your suction pipe between your weir and pump, suction pipe wear and tear and poor pool pump installations.

Poor quality imported pool pumps, available through builders hardware outlets, with worthless carry-in guarantees, and a 6 week wait on warranty repairs, are now a major cause as well.

Pump impellers with plastic threads, instead of steel, are just one of the problems. At Pool Diagnostics we spend a lot of our time upgrading these pumps, while still under worthless guarantees, to try and get some life out of them.

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